Monday, October 8, 2007

Rumm Rumm!

(Going to burn for this one.) REALLY ugly woman in a wheelchair we saw today for our memory sketch. I'm trying to evolve my cartooning-to simplify the drawing as much as i can--minimal color palate, simple shapes. Let me know what you think.


Coconutshell said...

Ugly eh? That's not so bad unlike really-smelly-lady on the bus. With ugly lady, you can just close your eyes and she's gone. But really-smelly-lady smells really bad that your eyes water and once she's gone, the scent lingers.

The use of minimal colours is great. It simplifies the overall image and emphasises the subject. A lot of my drawings back in the day were mainly monochromatic.



Very nice shapes and a good feeling to it....I bet he rocks out on his little scooter....and runs over peoples toes to get himself in a good mood...
Nice stuff.


Donut Shop said...

It makes the old lady ominous. The subdued colors make her look like she's ready to kick the bucket. Good job!