Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hey gang. Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! Behold-my second digital painting! As you may have guessed looking through my artwork, I prefer flat graphic images, but I am very influenced by my friends who are all wicked good at doing digital paintings. I wanted to try it for myself, and here's the fruits of about an hour of trial and mostly error...Arrowhead. Can't say I'm 100% into this piece, but I think it was a valiant effort. Mainly just trying out how to work digitally. It's got a lot of ease to it--no mixing paint, but it gets muddy quickly, which is hard to control. Anyway, enough yakkin. Leave some comments--let me know what you think of this.



Wouldn't want to live through that stuff there..... Poor dude.


Karswell said...

Wow! This is great Jeff!