Friday, January 4, 2008

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For mi amigo, Jeff C: a tribute to Army of Darkness.


Jeff Campbell said...

you fuckin rock bro, this piece is bad ass, you are DEFINITELY on a roll. thanks for the gift!

Pandora said...

Your art is absolutely amazing! I'm an enormous comic book geek and Star Wars fan so I've been pimping your work for a while.

I do have a question: I've been on Live Journal for around 5 years now and was wondering if you have any objection to making your art into user icons for LJ. I am dying to make icons from your Star Wars, Batman characters (among others) but wanted to ask permission. I will properly credit, of course! If the answer is "no", I completely understand and will still pimp your journal as I always have. Thanks!

Pandora Nervosa

George kaprielian said...

hey dude great shapes. theres a lot of appeal in your work!

i love your batman and robin on. really cool warewolf and wolverine design too. im going to add you to my links. i think you jsut might be worthy

Stephen said...

"yo...she-bitch...lets go!" Ash was the coolest.

Karswell said...

For some reason my fave part of this piece is the little puff of smoke coming off the chainsaw.

Did you pick up #1 of the Evil Dead comic? It's not bad.

Warren Lee said...

Bad Ass!!!