Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Dark Knight

I'm so excited to see The Dark Knight this weekend, I can barely contain myself. I only hope it will be as good as 1997's Batman and Robin.


Batman Blogged said...

Wow Jeff. That is amazing stuff. I am very excited for the new movie as well, but I think you are setting your expectations too high. Nothing can beat Batman and Robin. Joel Schumacher understood the Batman Mytho better then anyone :)

PS your Batman is missing the nipples on his costume

Anonymous said...
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Getsuga Rasengan said...

Whoa Jeff. That is one slick Batman...

Btw , did you like 1997s Batman and Robin ???! Dude , I mean , did you SERIOUSLY like it ???!!!

Jeff Victor said...

No no... I was just being sarcastic. So, I saw Batman last night, and while I really enjoyed it and was never less than completely absorbed by it, I nevertheless thought it wasn't quite the masterpiece everyone is claiming it to be. Two main points of contention:
1). The tension was ratcheted up so high at all times, there was never a moment of levity or release. (Except for Batman flipping Joker's big rig). I realized when it was over I hadn't breathed in about an hour. It could have used more humor--even if it was dark (like the Joker's magic trick)
2.) The Mayor's eyeliner. Seriously, how distracting was that? :P

Agree? Disagree? Let me know.

Batman Blogged said...

I agree with the mayors eyeliner. He wears that same stuff in Lost too. It is odd.

As for the tension, I also agree there was no release but I really enjoy that in movies. So it was fine by me.