Monday, September 3, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 43: Samurai Cop

Hi guys and thanks for reading my bi-weekly column, Classics of Crap, where we look at the worst, most hilarious movie failures ever.  Today we are celebrating Samurai Cop, a movie I discovered thanks the gentlemen over at Red Letter Media. They highly recommended it, and boy oh boy, were they right. This movie is hi-lar-ious. Every line reading, every action scene, every everything about this movie is so wrong, it just becomes so right. This is bad movie lovers paradise. I honestly went round and round trying to think of one image to encapsulate the wonderment that is Samurai Cop. Finally I settled on one of the most memorable exchanges between Samurai Cop and a horny nurse. If you haven't seen the clip: DO SO IMMEDIATELY. Trust me, you don't want to miss this one.

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Belle Dee said...

Oh man!! I feel like I NEED to see this movie! Wow.