Wednesday, July 3, 2013

30 Day Movie Challenge Day 23- Worst Movie Going Experience

This isn't representative of one instance, but an amalgam of the many times I go out to the movie theaters in LA. For a city that is the most closely associated with Hollywood and film, theater goers here are very often incredibly disrespectful and can't seem to watch a movie without texting, chatting, or any number of annoying activities. As a film buff, it's incredibly sad to see the theater is no longer the sacred ground it used to be. Now it just seems people can barely tear themselves away from their phones for two hours. In addition to the ever-escalating prices, I fear the magic of going to the movies has been lost for many people. I hope we can find our way back before it's gone for good.


Señorita Tejon said...

Oh my!! finally somebody illustrated this ugly situation!!!

I hate it so much!! People taking pictures inside of the theater, just so they can say they were there, but not actually "being there" you know??

But those lights coming of cellphones really break your concentration from the film D:!

Mélodie said...

This is why I can ONLY go to the ArcLight specifically in Hollywood. This is the only place with the least instances of talking/texting moviegoers.


Hey Jeff, Greetings from Australia - love your work, thought you'd enjoy this. Should be compulsory at all cinemas