Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adventure awaits!

Hey guys, I'm off today for a trip to Spain. I'm very excited, since this is the first time I'm traveling alone. Wish me luck!


railer said...

have a safe trip and enjoy! spain is amazing!

me encanta la espaƱa!

hope you can have lots of ideas to draw when you come back!

about travelling alone, my first experience was to spain too. you will love it and it is a great way for us to grow.

Rheam said...

Hello! I would have liked to write while you were in my country (I hope you have enjoyed it, although it is not far from the best in the world). Anyway, I hope you've eaten well, used too much sun, and you take good memories. I am from a small town in the northwest, La Coruna, so there would be no chance of seeing each other, but equally delighted that you were here.

Jeff Victor said...

Thanks guys! It was an amazing time, full of art, good weather, and delicious food!

Vishwas Shrikhande said...

Best of luck dude, have a safe and happy trip.

Vishwas Shrikhande said...

The time when you read the post late... *facepalm*