Friday, June 9, 2017

Marty and Doc

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Ryan Willis said...

I saw a few of your illustrations on facebook and the 2 that caught me the most were michael j fox and thomas f wilson. They were great but my problem is that in the set of actor portrayals there was one actor missing... Christopher Lloyd. You portray lloyd here as doc and i like the work. However i would like to see you do one for lloyd as more than just doc brown. As you may know he was in the addams family movies as fester, voiced hacker on cyberchase and the villian in who framed rodger rabbit. Those along with many other movies that he has been in through the years. I felt as though your art didnt portray him in the respective manner it should have. Im not docking your artwork but rather the simple fact that you didnt give lloyd the credit he deserved as a well known actor.