Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Separated at Birth?

In about 1997-8, when I was in school, I created a cartoon idea called "Sprouts". It was on my homepage for a while, until I pulled it off in 2005. Above you see an image of the cartoon, centered around these little grass people who assist nature and teach kids important lessons about the environment. The second image is a comparison between the Sprouts logo I created 10 years ago and a recent logo from a Los Angeles clothing store. I'm not saying they plagiarized, but the similarities are pretty amazing.


ChristopherD said...

Perhaps you should investigate the comic book "Tales of the Beanworld". Later issues have sprouts called the "pod'l pool cuties" which look suspiciously like your own drawing, but predate it by AT LEAST five years. Perhaps this is just one of those designs that people will tend to invent over and over again independently of one another.

Mark said...

I had a look at "Tales of the Beanworld", and didn't really see much of a similarity, not as much as the two "Sprouts" designs anyway.

I think that if any good designer found out they had designed something a little too similar to something that already exists, where it looks copied, they would adjust or change their design, so they can avoid any accusations.

Have you made them aware?