Saturday, December 1, 2012

Tom Hanks goes Viral!

Sorry, that's not a "Philadelphia" joke. My Evolution of Tom Hanks picture was posted on Reddit, where it somehow made the front page and just exploded. My sincere appreciation and gratitude to anyone that liked it, shared it, or commented on it. I am flattered beyond belief. I will be making prints of not only Tom, but the rest of my Evolution series beginning next year. I will post when and where they will be available for purchase. "T.Hanks" again, and bookmark this page, as I post lots of art and a new "Evolution" twice a month.


Delbruck said...

Congrats!, I shared that pic on Tumblr some days ago because I was a fan of yours before it was cool, haha!.

Probably my blog won't bring you fortune and glory (only 490 followers...), but if you don't mind I'd like to post almost everything you draw. The Classics of Crap are priceless!, and the evolution of Rick Moranis... I hope that one goes viral too.

Harry H said...

I would like to add that all your evolution designs would be great on Tshirts :) you could make a fortune at ComicCon.

H├ęctor said...

I shared via facebook... I love your work!!