Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fan Art of my Fan Art

How cool is this? Fellow Star Wars fan Tania Cardenas, a pro character animator and FX animator sent me some photos of a clay sculpture of my drawing of Bubblehead Jabba & Leia as seen here. Very cute! Thanks Tania!


Mark said...

Your Bubbleheads certainly have a big following, and rightly so!

Fan art seems to get a bad rap, especially when a lot of it seems to include terrible pencil sketches of Orlando Bloom, but I just love it when someone like yourself uses their own style and skill and makes something cool.

Donut Shop said...

Maybe you should ask Tania to give you a replica of the marveled Star Wars characters based on your art. That would be so cool as a memorabilia.

Karswell said...

You and her should work together and create enough stuff to have a gallery showing in LA. I wonder if anyone has ever done that before, fan art based on the art of a fellow nobody, ha ha... that sounds meaner than it's supposed to. You know what I mean.