Monday, September 26, 2011


Welcome back to this weeks edition of Classics of Crap. Today's drawing is of the 1995 stinkbomb, Showgirls. Believe it or not, I actually paid to see this movie in the theater. I was 17, and since this was one of the first mainstream Hollywood movies to be rated NC-17 and given a wide release, I expected nothing less than the sexiest movie of all time. I was pumped, nervous and excited. 2 hours later, I sat befuddled. I had been had. Showgirls was a total let down, possibly the UN-sexiest movie ever. I slunk out of the theater, disappointed.

Years later, I was talking to a friend about what a crappy movie it was, and he suggested I see it again, but this time, with a different frame of mind. He was totally right. Watching it again, I finally got the joke. On the VIP edition of the DVD, the commentary by David Schmader was hilarious and reassigned this movie as a camp classic. It remains one of my most beloved 'bad movies', every frame bursting with tacky, glittery awfulness. For my illustration, I really wanted to highlight some of the "what were they thinking?!?" lines in the movie. They are taken out of context, but in the film, they are howlers. If you haven't seen Showgirls, slip into something more comfortable, grab a pole, and give it a spin!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Oh HAI, guys! So for this edition of Classics of Crap, I wanted to share one of my newest favorite bad movies, Tommy Wiseau's, The Room. I first heard about The Room as it was making headlines here in LA for being a popular midnight movie. I found a copy of the dvd and gave it a spin. It was amazing. After watching it about 5 times, I went to the theater on Sunset where it was playing and got to see it live, with Tommy himself in attendance. He was running up and down the aisles, shaking people's hands, signing autographs, obviously having a great time. His Hollywood dream had come true.

About the movie--A personal story about a man who thinks of himself as a giving lover, only to be betrayed by his girlfriend, The Room is horribly amateurish production. Plot threads and characters appear and disappear without notice, and the acting is flat across the board, save for some over the top outbursts("You're tearing me apart Lisa!") I cant even decide what is the best part of the movie. Is it watching Denny get chewed out by Lisa's mom, the headspinning flowershop doggie scene, or watching the Brittany Spears-esqe Juliette Danielle moan in ecstasy as she clutches Tommy Wiseau's gefilte fish textured back? If you haven't walked into The Room yet, I highly recommend it. Just bring a framed picture of a spoon with you.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Hi guys! I'm starting a new feature on my blog called Classics of Crap, where I draw some of my favorite "so bad, they're good" movies. Kicking off this event is Troll 2, a movie I discovered one fateful night flipping around basic cable stations in the early 90's. I had seen and enjoyed the first Troll a few years earlier, so I figured, why not. After sitting through the whole thing, waiting for an actual troll to show up (Spoiler alert: they never do), I logged this one away as just another disappointing experience. After moving to LA, I met one of my best friends, Joseph, and he told me of a similar experience. As we watched it again, we discovered out opinion had completely changed. Suddenly, Troll 2 became a unintentionally hilarious comedy. Apparently, some other people thought so too. The "Oh my godddd" clip has been viewed on YouTube millions of times, and Troll 2 still plays at midnight screenings all over the country. So, remember kids, Nilbog is Goblin backwards, and remember to eat the ice cream. It's nice and creamy!