Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 36: Mac and Me

Due to overwhelming fan requests, (thank you Josh!) this week's awesomely bad movie is none other than Mac and Me. In the summer of 1982, a magical family movie called E.T. came out, and won the hearts of children everywhere. The moment was now for an enterprising filmmaker to ride the wave of success that followed. Too bad Mac and Me limped into theaters FIVE years after ET. Oops. This movie is so hilariously bad, it's tough to describe. No, wait, it's not. Just picture E.T., but with WAAAAAYYYY more McDonalds ads. The movie was produced by the McDonalds Company thinking that if kids associated "Mac" in the same way they associated E.T. with Reeses' Pieces, they would have a marketing bonanza. Too bad no kids saw Mac and Me, and the ones that did were scarred for life. "Mac", named after a Big Mac sandwich, presumably, is the most repellant, creepy little alien ever made. Possessing no other expression other than wide eyed and slurping, he is only slightly more expressive than Jade Calgary, who plays his human friend. The highlight of the movie for me is a truly jaw-dropping scene of Mac dressing up like a teddy bear (to escape the government, duh!) to perform in a massive dance off in a local Micky D's. This is one of the most WTF moments ever caught on film. Check out this movie right after watching E.T., and drinking half a gallon of White-Out, and you will probably be entertained. Somewhat.

Monday, May 28, 2012

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 23-30

Hey Guys and welcome back to the last post of the new Drawing Challenge. I was out of town last week, so I didn't get a chance to work on these, but better late than never, right? Ok, so Day 23 is "You as the opposite sex". I drew myself pretty hot, but let's be honest, I'd probably look a lot like Blossom ca. 1996. Day 24 is "A Toy". Lately I've been really into buying Hot Toys figures, which are extremely high end action figures with dead on likenesses of the characters. Not for kids, sorry! Day 25 is "The Boogeyman". Day 26 is "Video Game", so I drew my favorite: Resident Evil. Day 27 is "Favorite Disney Character". It was almost impossible to choose, but who doesn't like Ursula, the Sea Witch? Day 28 is "A Hobo". While the term isn't really PC anymore, I get the gist, so I drew a crazy cat lady. Day 29 is "Internet Meme", so I drew Hipster Ariel. Maybe I was still in a Disney mood from before. Lastly, Day 30 is "A Concert Moment", for which I drew myself attending Lilith Fair. The concert wasn't bad, but I couldn't help feeling totally out of place. So that's it! Thanks for reading and keeping up with me on this journey. 2 straight months of drawing challenges done! I'm not going to take a break though-- I've got lots of awesome stuff in the works that I will post as soon as I can! Thanks guys!

Life Drawing-Warrior Woman

Here are some real quick warm ups from a life drawing session at Art Center. 3-5 minutes.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 21-22

Hey guys- some more challenge drawings coming 'atcha! Day 21 is "Useless Superpower". For this, I thought I'd draw the Ultimate Superhero- Captain Nipplefist! Day 22 is "First VHS/DVD". My earliest VHS memory is getting The Empire Strikes Back, and right about the time Luke was getting attacked by the Wampa, my Grandparents had seen enough and walked away. I remained by the screen, transfixed. (Incidentally, if you were wondering which was the first DVD I ever got, it was the Matrix, which was the perfect movie to get at the time, since it represented state of the art digital technology of the late 90's). What was your first video/dvd? Leave a comment and let me know!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 35: Catwoman

Hey Guys, and welcome back to Classics of Crap. Sorry I missed last week, as I am super busy working on some freelance projects. But now I'm back, taking on what can only be described as one of the worst ever superhero movies of all time: Catwoman. Warner Bros sunk one hundred million dollars into this flop, and it was universally derided by the public as well as comic book fanboys. But, is it worth seeing? Hell yes. It's a campy, trashy mess that will have you laughing till it hurts. Everyone is overacting like crazy, and the distorted fish eye lenses add a cheesiness not seen since the 60's Batman TV show. Obviously aping the Spider-Man films, Catwoman leaps and sprints over the rooftops in a hilarious CGI effect that is so painfully silly it's impossible to take seriously. The plot is absolute camp nonsense, where an EVIL cosmetics company wants to get women addicted to their skin creme. But...the skin creme is EVIL!!! EVIL!!!! It will melt your face if you stop using it! (How this would actually work in the real world is totally beyond comprehension.) But anyway, it's up to Catwoman to stop Sharon Stone and her evil plan to...sell a lot of poisonous skin creme. Go Catwoman!

Life Drawing- Guitar Hero

Here are some sketches done for a life drawing jam in Glendale. Poses are 5-15 min

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 16-20

Hey Guys, sorry I've been away from my blog for a while. I've been doing a lot of freelance and gallery work, but I should be back on track here shortly. Here are some more drawing challenge illustrations. Day 16 is "Pain in your life". I chose to draw my puberty years. A spotty face mixed with unsightly braces and a dreadful looking headgear made my adolescence quite awkward. Day 17 is "First crush". It was senior year in High School and I fell for a girl hard. I wrote pages of love letters that I never sent, and obsessed over her every day. But,unfortunately for yours truly, I was to be cast into into the great sad ocean known as "the Friend Zone". Day 18 is "Outer Space", and I drew some characters from Star Trek, just to spite my friend Josh, who assumed (probably correctly) that I was going to do something Star Wars related. SEE, JOSH! I don't have a one track mind! Day 19 is "Favorite Holiday". I don't really have one, so I just drew something to entertain myself. Day 20 is "Faux Pas". I've done this. Have you? Thanks for checking out my drawings guys!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 14-15

Hey guys! Some more sketches for the drawing challenge. Day 14 is "worst punishment", for which I drew the time my dad removed the door to my room for quite a while. Day 15 is "favorite fish". There was only one thing that it could be, the singing Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty decoration aka the greatest product mankind has ever created.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 12-13

Thanks for coming back to check out some more drawing challenge illustrations. Day 12 is "What you wanted to be when you grew up", and Day 13 is "Favorite Mythical Creature". I couldn't decide if it was Minotaur or Medusa, so I did them both. I am a huge fan of Greek Myth, and these guys are a character designer's dream.