Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 36: Mac and Me

Due to overwhelming fan requests, (thank you Josh!) this week's awesomely bad movie is none other than Mac and Me. In the summer of 1982, a magical family movie called E.T. came out, and won the hearts of children everywhere. The moment was now for an enterprising filmmaker to ride the wave of success that followed. Too bad Mac and Me limped into theaters FIVE years after ET. Oops. This movie is so hilariously bad, it's tough to describe. No, wait, it's not. Just picture E.T., but with WAAAAAYYYY more McDonalds ads. The movie was produced by the McDonalds Company thinking that if kids associated "Mac" in the same way they associated E.T. with Reeses' Pieces, they would have a marketing bonanza. Too bad no kids saw Mac and Me, and the ones that did were scarred for life. "Mac", named after a Big Mac sandwich, presumably, is the most repellant, creepy little alien ever made. Possessing no other expression other than wide eyed and slurping, he is only slightly more expressive than Jade Calgary, who plays his human friend. The highlight of the movie for me is a truly jaw-dropping scene of Mac dressing up like a teddy bear (to escape the government, duh!) to perform in a massive dance off in a local Micky D's. This is one of the most WTF moments ever caught on film. Check out this movie right after watching E.T., and drinking half a gallon of White-Out, and you will probably be entertained. Somewhat.