Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comic Con was a Blast!

For those of you who made it out to San Diego this past weekend, you should have come to the Nickelodeon booth. Along with 2 of my esteemed co-workers, I was drawing cartoons for the kids to promote PetPet Park, an new virtual online world I'm heavily involved with for my day job. It was a ton of fun and everyone seemed to really like the drawings!


Christine1012 said...

Why is it that everyone got to go but me? Did you get to wander around?

Please tell me you got to:

(a) See Adam Savage in costume
(b) the Doctor Who panel


I'm so sorry i didn't make it out for that.


crithon said...

MAN! if only I stayed one hour longer.

Erika Meza said...

Gaaaah you're kidding!!! I came around, I have the Gary flyer to prove it! But Le Boyfriend said "it's for the kids, Erika, it's for the kids" and went off to grab videogames stuff instead... XS I'm gonna kill him.

Glad you had fun though! :)