Sunday, October 2, 2011


Technically, the full title of this movie is called Birdemic: Shock and Terror. And boy, oh boy, they weren't kidding. It's only SHOCKING how TERRIBLE this movie is. If you haven't yet heard of this flick, it's a relatively new movie that has quickly been adopted as one of the best cult movies of the past decade. I think of all the movies I will profile on Classics of Crap, it's probably the most amateurish. Sound levels are all over the place, and there is no coherence to the editing or even the writing. BUT, as with most so-bad-they're-good movies, it's utterly hilarious. The signature scene, which I chose to illustrate, is a bit where the "heroes" fight off the "killer birds" with the only weapon they have around: a bunch of coat hangers. The killer birds, I'd just like to point out are just animated gifs, cloned again and again (a technique i used for my drawing, hehe). Also, the birds are apparently filled with explosives, since they inexplicably detonate upon impact. (huh?!) So anyway, I'd highly recommend Birdemic, as it features some of the best bird-on-human violence I've ever seen, as well as some of the most hypnotic hovering eagles ever shot on film. And the best part is, they're making part 2--in 3-D! Good lord! *Choke!*

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I only made it like 10 minutes into this film... and your image is vastly superior.

I dig it..