Saturday, August 11, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 24

Day 24- A celebrity you dislike. No one quite irks me like George Lucas and his endless tinkering of my beloved Star Wars movies. Knock it off already! (And release the original cuts on Blu-ray). Thank you.


Brian Jawa said...

Heheeh! Excellent, Jeff. Totally agree with you about mr. Lucas. :-) Congratulations for your job.

SteveAsat said...

Good pick for the pic. That particular shot, maybe because of the music, maybe just the blocking, represents a cinematic moment for which adding anything would be obvious vandalism. I'm not sure where Lucas stole it from, but I'm rather convinced he DID swipe it since it works so well. (Not that theft is any crime if it works; the only sin is fruitless larceny.) In that moment is conveyed all that Luke loses later in the film, efficiently and effectively.