Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Have yourself a very Kubrick Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you! My newest evolution is is a little different. It's a tribute to some of the best films by legendary director Stanley Kubrick. I recently saw the LACMA exhibit of Kubrick's films here in LA, and it was stunning. The original props, the annotated screenplays, his original director's chair- what a treasure trove of film geek goodies! If you guys like these "director" evolutions, let me know. I've got a couple more ideas for future illustrations, but if you have any ideas for filmmakers you'd like to see, please leave them in the comment section, or on my facebook art page (link to the right). They have to have at least 5 iconic movies to their name. The more recognizeable the characters, the better. Thanks, and have a great holiday!


Alex M said...

I don't know if you'd consider his films iconic enough, but it might be fun to chart the evolution od Peter Jackson, from early gore like Bad Taste through to The Hobbit.

Unknown said...

Say Quentin Tarantino again, I double dare you! ( so many great moments and great characters for you to choose from his films.) you know what they call Quentin Taranitino in French? Royal Quentin Tarantino.

Another director for your consideration would be: First rule of fight club, don't talk about David Fincher. Second rule of fight club, don't talk about David Fincher. ( probably not as famous as Spielberg, James Cameron, Hitchcock or JJ Abrams but I really like his style and attention to detail like typography used in his movies.

I guess JJ you could do in a couple of years when he has more movies under his belt. Btw looking forward to your book. I've pledge my share on kickstarter.

movieman said...

Quintin Tarintino