Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm on Drawn!

A big tip of the hat to the awesome guys at Drawn! for including Wicked Crispy on their blog. I've long been a reader of their site, and if you've never heard of it--you're missing out on some of the most brilliant and inspiring illustrators/designers out there. You can check it out here--- Drawn! Thanks again, guys! I'm really honored! And, PS. Stay tuned for Admiral Ackbar... :)


Christine1012 said...

Congrats...I hit the link from Drawn...really awesome work. I don't know anyone who could have made Jabba that Hut anywhere near cute.

Vhrsti said...

Congratulations! It's only fair that you are there.

mc said...

Hey! cool work. I'm glad that Drawn pointed you out. The Tusken Raider is mar.. er, awe... uh really nice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I think your work is very good and too damn cute!!! And congratulations for be in Drawn. Don’t forget visit my blog, I also write something about you

Titina said...

Well, I'm here via Drawn!, so... ^_^

Great stuff you've got!!! Your bubble heads are lovely!!! Man, now I'm really deppressed... or inspired. Depends on the point of view.

Mama Gaea said...

So, of course, I saved all the Star Wars pics. :D And guess what else I did?

I created a LIVEJOURNAL FEED for your blog!


So, if you want to get all kinds of LiveJournal people to subscribe to the feed, spread the word! :D I'll go post it to the syndicated feed announcement community over there. :)

Molly P said...

Yes, thank to the link on Drawn, I found your stuff. I like it lots. I actually think I'm gonna be able to make my star war indifferent friend come over to the... erm, well drawn side.

Check out the contest on my blog. I draw illustrations for song lyrics.


uri said...

Congratulations, Jeff!!

I enjoyed your works a lot...great stuff, really great!

I will be watching your blog.

mike r baker said...

This is the reason I love Drawn! It takes me to awesome work like yours. I'll be watching. Gotta see that Ackbar. "It's a TRAP!"