Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 41- Pod People

If you are a fan of MST3K, you have likely heard of Pod People. Originally conceived as a straight horror movie about an angry alien slaughtering a group teens in the woods (ho-hum), but in the wake of the success of Spielberg's E.T, the film was later recut to include scenes of a kind alien befriending a boy in the most shameless E.T. rip off ever until Mac & Me premiered 4 years later. The 'cute' alien is called Trumpy, and he has the magical ability to levitate and animate objects around him, stop-motion style. What frivolity! Anyway, the movie is mostly famous for its immortal tagline, "It Stinks", uttered by bad movie mainstay Ian Sera. I wouldn't try watching this movie without the MST commentary, it's just too dull. Trumpy's wild antics are definitely the highlight.

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