Sunday, October 7, 2012

Classics of Crap Volume 45: Riki-Oh

If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you know about my love of cheesy B-Movies. Well, this is the motherload right here. Riki-O, sometimes called The Story of Ricky is one of the goriest, most violent, jaw droppingly hilarious kung fu movies ever made. It's got gallons of fake blood, a crazed prison warden who keeps breath mints in his false eyeball, monsters, exploding heads, strangulation by intestines, and oh, SO much more. It's the crap movie gift that keeps on giving and giving. It is pretty gruesome, but it's so completely over the top, it's impossible to take seriously. YouTube search for 'Ricky Oh' to see for yourself just how bugnuts crazy this movie is. I saw this at a local midnight show at the New Beverly Cinema in LA, and the crowd reaction was unlike anything I'd ever seen before. They tore the roof off the place. If you've got a strong stomach, this flick is highly recommended.

This clip is SUPER CRAZY VIOLENT, but totally worth watching: