Saturday, October 27, 2012

Who doesn't love Rick Moranis?

Seriously, this guy was an 80's comedy legend. What's your favorite Rick Moranis movie?


Archfriend said...

Rick Moranis was brilliant in everything he did but I'd have to go with The Little Shop of Horrors just because of the fact it has Rick Moranis.

I've almost forgotten his lovable dorky inventor from the "Honey I Re-sized Something" movies as well! Gotta catch up on those.

Unknown said...

This is just too cute! I have all of these movies on DVD (except for the Flintstones. I'll fix that soon)

My favorite film (of his and over all films ever made) is Little Shop of Horrors. Though Seymour is cute, Audrey II wins the prize of being my favorite character.

You shoulda also done some of his other roles like Wayne Szalinski, and Rutt. :3

Jeff Victor said...

I ALMOST did Honey I shrunk the kids, but nixed it at the last minute, cause it just wasn't recognizable enough. That, and it looked too similar to Ghostbusters. (Nerdy guy with a contraption on his head) Thanks for commenting guys! :)

Unknown said...

The only thing I liked him in was Ghostbusters. That and I liked to say his name is Lick Moranus.

Ricardo Chucky said...

man, this is beautiful!
love the style!