Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 16-20

Hey guys! Sorry for the absense. There was no Classic of Crap this week due to my moving apartments. I'm just now catching up with coloring my drawing challenge illustrations. Here we go:
First up is "Just a doodle". I asked my friend Ivan to say the very first word that came into his head. He replied, "Douchebag", and though I'm sure he was referring to me, I doodled a typical douchebag.

Next is "Favorite Plant". I chose Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, which is the greatest musical ever made about a singing man eating plant.

Next we had to draw "Something Orange". Fat guy in his underwear stuffing his face with Cheetos came to mind. I wonder what that says about me...

The next challenge is to draw "Something New". I think we all get those moments when we look at our body and see something weird, like a zit, or a random hair, or a carnivorous Lovecraftian monster growing out of our belly.

Last challenge was to draw our inspiration. I get my ideas from an alien parasite that I keep under my sink. His name is Mr. Fluffywhistle.


March MODOK Madness said...
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Mr. Fluffywhistle has me thinking about METROIDS.. Killer posts man.. Congrats on the successful relocation.


P.S. sorry about the deleted comment before I posted with the wrong Blog I.D. Again Just wanna say I love your work...

Joshua Wysocki said...

ur a beast!