Sunday, April 15, 2012

30 Day Drawing Challenge Days 28-30

Huzzah! I finished my 30 day drawing challenge. The pics here are, from top to bottom, the finish line piece, "anything you want", which I drew a judge for my friend Joseph, and lastly, a pic of a place you'd like to visit. I would love to take a trip to North California and see Pixar studios, where some of my favorite animated films are made. Of course, I would like to do more than just VISIT, but ahem...anyway. Thank you to everyone who took time to click and look at my blog over the course of this month, I really appreciated all your great comments! This drawing challenge was so much fun, my friends and I are about to start another one! So, get ready, for 30 day drawing challenge part 2: Electric Boogaloo! If you want details of how YOU can join our challenge (we will be posting on a facebook page), please contact me and I will get you the info. Take care guys! :D

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