Sunday, April 29, 2012

NEW 30 Day Drawing Challenge Day 8-11

Hey guys, sorry I've been a little slow in posting these. Been doing a bunch of other freelance work, and although I do in fact draw one of these a day, I had to wait until I can color them all in a bunch. Hopefully I can get on a more normal schedule soon. Ok, so the top pic is "Last request if the world was ending". I figure my first request is to see all the people and places I love. My LAST request, after everyone is dead and the world is a smoking pile of ash, is probably just to be left alone. Next Pic is my "Spirit Animal", which I guess is a baby polar bear for no other reason than I wanted to draw a polar bear. After that we have "Home Town Memory". For this I drew a pic of a time where my parents got me and my sister a kiddie pool, which we really wanted. Trouble is, it looked a lot bigger on the advertisement. Lastly, the worst pic of the bunch, "Amusement Park". Gotta be honest, I was in a real rush, and just kinda copped out on this one. It's the moose from the end of National Lampoon's Vacation. Durp. Anyway, thanks for clicking, and I'll see you back here in a few days!

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